Consumer Protection

Consumers Have Rights - The law is on your side!

When you decide to spend your hard-earned money on goods and services provided by a business, you should be able to trust that you will receive the results you expected and for which you paid.

Unfortunately, too many consumers in the United States fall victim to predatory, abusive, or fraudulent business practices. If a business acts wrongfully and you suffer losses as a result, you have the legal right to hold that company liable for those losses.

Taking on large corporations in legal cases may seem intimidating, but Wardlow Law has the experience necessary to stand up for your consumer rights.

Common Examples of Consumer Fraud

•  Sale of faulty, defective, or dangerous products
•  Unfulfilled Rebates
•  Breach of warranty
•  Unjustified or undisclosed fees, charges, or contract terms
•  False advertising, including misrepresenting the characteristics or quality of products or services
•  Inadequate security resulting in data breaches of credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, or other sensitive financial or personal information
•  Abusive credit reporting or debt collection practices
•  Predatory or fraudulent lending, and
•  Many other types of deceptive or unfair trade practices

Gathering Evidence

In order to hold a company liable, you need hard evidence. Keep copies of all communications between you and the company, including receipts, bills and invoices, cashed checks, credit card statements, emails, and other written correspondence.

If you must call the company, Oregon law allows you to record your telephone conversation. We have found the ACR app for Android effective and intuitive to use.

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