About Us

Wardlow Law represents individuals and businesses during all stages of litigation, including advising clients, drafting complaints, settlement negotiations, trials, mediations, arbitrations, and administrative hearings.

Over the last 18 years, attorney William Wardlow has handled countless civil court cases, helping businesses and individuals recover money for damages, obtain injunctive relief to prevent future injury, and oppose questionable lawsuits.

Mr. Wardlow is also a passionate advocate for individual and consumer rights. As a Private Attorney General, Wardlow has successfully prosecuted unfair business practice claims against numerous corporations including Hyundai, Sprint, and Pacific Bell.

Beginning in 1999, William Wardlow worked at top Hollywood law firm, Codikow, Carroll, Guido & Groffman, for clients including records labels, publishing companies, and artists such as Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, William S. Burroughs, Natalie Merchant, Blondie, and countless others.

Wardlow then opened a private practice in San Diego focusing on Consumer Protection, Intellectual Property, Business Law and Litigation, and Personal Injury.

A Bend, Oregon resident since 2005, Wardlow now counsels startups, partnerships, corporations, non-profit companies, and individuals on a wide range of legal issues, including intellectual property licensing and protection, business and real estate transactions, contract negotiation, arbitration and mediation, regulatory compliance, employment law, administrative law, personal injury, and civil litigation.

Recent highlights include a successful 4-week jury trial before Judge Gonzalo Curiel involving complex trade secret, employment, and Oracle software issues.

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Bar Admissions

•  State Bar of Oregon
•  State Bar of California
•  United States Ninth Circuit, District of Oregon
•  United States Ninth Circuit, Central District of California
•  United States Ninth Circuit, Southern District of California